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What to Watch Out for When Choosing a Soap for Your Kids or Baby

There's nothing more important to us all than our health and safety, especially when it comes to our children. Kids, toddlers, babies, and newborns all have skin that can be sensitive to chemicals and ingredients in some products , and if we're not reading ingredients carefully, it's possible to overlook a source that may be causing some negative reactions for you and your loved ones. Some skin can be totally non-reactive to all kinds of things, while others' skin can swell up, turn red, or break out in hives and patterned rashes simply due to the presence of an oil, perfume, scent, or color dye in a product. Everyone is unique. Having a product trigger a skin reaction after use is not uncommon for many new parents. When it happens, then immediately follows the questions; What did they eat? What were they exposed to? What if this doesn't go away on its own? Reactions can even provoke different forms of reaction from one to the next so it may not always look the same

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